Jib Jib

Have you ever met our pet guinea pig Jib Jib? He is black and white. Some places you touch him or hold him he will try to bite you with his sharp teeth! However, if you pet him his fur is soft. Now you know what Jib Jib is like.

Have you ever heard the sounds Jib Jib makes? Jib Jib will make many sounds like squeaks, chutters etc. Squeaks can mean a lot of things like hes scared, angry>: (, sad: (, and happy:). Chutters mean he likes what you are doing. Now you know what Jib Jib sounds like.

We love Jib Jib because he is very cute and playful. He likes to eat many veggies like carrots, letuce, hay, ect he also likes fruits like oranges, grapes, ect. He likes carrots and oranges the best. Sometimes we play tug-of-war. Now you met our guinea pig Jib Jib:). (Look at the picture at the top.)