History of Icebreaker

Chapter 1 - A weekly Game, a Game every week

Weekly Games were started in the time of February 07, at the start of plan Virus Takeover. The first week Released Bullet, a simple star, and a friend came over so for him I made Undead Attack. By the fourth Week Icebreaker had been released. This is what we all know today, but lets go back lets see what not everybody knows...

Chapter 2 - Virus Takeover the first Weekly Game

Who would have thought Virus Takeover was the first Weekly Game. One Day Virus Takeover Came to me, but the way to make it was still unknown. I went to new things, But the idea came back. One day during the making of Virus Takeover I though of a game, a game called Geysers, this is where Icebreaker came in originally.

Chapter 3 - Geysers, unreleased

I had yet no experience with Platform Games, Making Geysers impossible to make. Geysers was to be a game where you are a man going to a mark dodging obstacles and riding geysers. This was before Stone Scout. This was the origanall Icebreaker.

Chapter 4 - Thin Ice

Before Icebreaker During the making of Stone Scout I forgot about Geysers, and planned my next game, Thin Ice. It was A long thin screen, that has water to sink in, whales in water, ice that breaks if you are on it to long, and Polar Bears to Jump over. You would Get across the Screen to a flag.

Chapter 5 - The True Icebreaker

The release night of Stone Scout What comes new next week, i forgot Thin Ice and it was changed to Icebreaker. Icebreaker began as a drawing game with no gravity. You just flew around the screen with ice, but dont touch the water. It had evovled shortly into what we all know today.
*The day Icebreaker was started was a Snow Day.

Chapter 6 - Geysers, the future is coming

Well Geysers is coming back as the ninth Weekly game. It will Include a multi level skippable tutorial, at least 5 levels, and much more. I hope You like it!

Coming next week: Geysers

P Code: 94-Ge37i

Philly Phishy,
Head of Philly Phishy Programing