Old News

December 31, New Years!

After a year and a half almost, this game is still pretty good. In this next update, there will be 2 new cities, Relojk and Snowshine, far beyond the mountain's boundaries. This new land has a some new quests, weather, and more!

Another New feature, is Health Bars and Aggresive monsters. Certain Monsters will now attack without warning, and you can keep track of their life. This makes the game dangerous, but gives unique inputs.

Finnaly, we realease not one, but two skills, hidden in one of the new quests.

Of course, there is so much more to explore in the Norrack Kingdom.

July 19, Happy Anniversary!

Wow It has been a year! Always a new monster to slay, New Quests to do, so Much, that I decided to make A nice Update to the game that will add Amazing New Features.

First of All I add the first major Graphical Update! Almost Every Spot in the game is Prettier!
Next, I fixed some Glitches and made a new drop for the Dragon, Magic!!!
Finnaly, I added Character Development as I call it, or Personality. Are You Kind, Rude, Greedy, Talkative, Hyperactive, Shy or Rough? (Or Nuetral... Haha)

May 23, The Day of Diarys

Dear Diary,

It is here
It is here
Lets be Happy
Let us chere
The Day has come
Lets have some fun
It is here...

The largest gap between updates... The largest update. So big TOAL has increased more then doubling! The Diarys referes to 7 quests, 3 levels, a new skill, 2 monsters, 5 weapons, a new fish, dungeons, citys, weather and more!
Try any of these new quests:

Journey to Glinko

Learn how to climb and explore Mnt. Glinkor, find goblins and more!

Midor Mayhem

Midors Multiplication Make Mayhem. Gain the goblins trust!

A Face of Time 

The masters of Time, Space, and evrything else in the universe await!

4 leafs of Luck 

It is your lucky day, 100s of coins are soon to be.

Credits Quest 

Like Music. Learn about some of the most influential builders of Keralor.

Young Grasshopper 

The most common cause of death: Rats. Befriend those who like Raus.

the Lores of Lakelore

The newest instalation in Kracoran's series. Find amazing Rewards!
or go visit


The Goblin City awaits above! 

the Market

Daily shipments arive to the largest trading store in The Kingdom... The kingdom... kingdom...

February 22, Make Some Music!

A Music Menu is now out, you can get a new song, and you can choose what music you want, and where you want it!

January 25, Coming Soon

Soon at least 3 new levels will be released, A music Menu, And a hefty 5 new quests. Keep a sharp eye out!

January 25, Fun Forests

Well the Halloween event was finally removed. I don't know if I'll continue events. Any ways, Keralor Forest is now out. Explore new rooms or mensanthunum and monsters. Also New Item Drops can be obtained. You currently can't do anything with these items, so you can't pick them up. Speaking of Picking up, I decided to Clean up. I feel proud that after months, I finally made an inventory. Press "I" to view it any time playing the game. And to cheer You up a little more, its a bit quicker in downloading.

October 30,  Plumpkins

What has no head, knows when you died, and the grim reaper owes a dollar? The Plumpkin Lord. He will gladly give you a treat... if you see him in the now spooky Keralor Village. But he is not the nicest guy to live with. His treats also are not very good, but free stuff!  Oh By the way Boos and Ghouls, Since Im' still testing ideas for Holiday Events, you might get extra time to celebrate. This is a Holiday event, Holiday Events last for One Week around the holiday. If you do not get the item, you can never get it again.

October 24, Tricks and Treats

Well... I tried. I wanted a huge update with new quests and an inventory! But.... We did accomplish some stuff...
Soon will come a few new quests, an inventory, and keep your eyes peeled for a "Trick-or-Treat Sword". Watch out, you might get a scare!

September, 7 Fixing Pretty Ugly things...

Alot of Glitches have accoured, mak that need to be fixed. There is also a new monster, well, who sais goblins can't be pretty, please welcome the Goblin! It contains the  most advanced sprites yet.  It walks, looks good, and drops coins. Other monsters may soon drop coins, but until then, keep playing!

Agust 24, A Phishy Tale

Old Man Kwee is a poor but kind person, who cannot afford to feed his family. He fishes to make money and food, but a Kappa recently broke his rod, and he can't get it fixed. Maybee you can, and maybee you can learn something. Finish the quest and be amazed, Keralor's Secrets are being Revealed!

August 24, Phun is here!

Curious on why no updates have come out, well this is why. We wanted you to have it all, thats right, everything! Today we introuduce so much, you will be astounded!

To start things off a few more levels have been added, you can now be level 5, so... It's going to take a while to get that high. Next Off We added an experience chart, so you know the most cost efficient and easy ways to level up in your favorite skills.

What happens when you get bored of a mouse? You can change it to a sword/arrow, but it costs one magic. You may think that is overprised but... we have proven that it DOES make targeting a creature for examining or range easier.

Not sure what Miya and Akeel are selling? Now you do, they will tell you, and so will Old Man Kwee, the newest shop keeper, welll if you call buisness a shop.

And to Wrap it off, a brand New Quest, with a reward so huge, you won't be able to stay calm. Read more aove

August 13,Kracoran's Realm

Who is Kracoran, shrouded in Mysteries this dark wizard is shown. Keralor City has been shown to have more, a guard, a history, a fire, and secrets. A Past Experience is for your eyes within this new Combat Quest! Fight your way through a Dungeon, Kill Spiders, And Be amazed as you meet a Golem.

We have also fixed some bugs, and added new website features.

August 1, Adventure Pack

All of you adventurures paying and free have worked hard to make money and get experience, so we want to reward you. The adventure pack gives you a chance to hear new music, along with a whole new system that still uses the "Ctrl" key. All that gold you are using, not paying off, not anymore, get yourself a Mensanthunum Bracelet for a few coins an peices of Mensanthunum and you havea way to make more money! Speaking of money, to make it easyer we changed payment to monthly, but with a price raise. Unfortunatley, this update is Pay-for. But to cheer you up, The Karelor Village just was added, the Village of Care and Love! You can finnaly get out of Tutril Forest and Explore, the Village may not have much to do, but it points the story foward to new quests, monsters, shops, and realms.

July 29, Creepy Crawlers

Many Bugs Have been found, that we wished to fix. They have all been fixed now, and are for free players to enjoy as Well! Also, we thought the Abomination had to much of a snowflake look, so we re did the work, and those tentacles aren't to nice. Along with those bugs, there was the bug that you were programed wrong, and you would look at spoilers, so we fixed it. With all these bugs, we decided to add one of our own, Payers can now say hello  to the Giant Spider, The Strongest Non-Quest Monster yet! With these creeps and crawls you just can't wait to see what is next!

July 27, Rock and Roll

The fourth quest has arrived, and it includes new features, Magic Targeting, Quizzes, A new room, Your Diolauge, A new creature, and a mystery about someone called Kracoran. Rock and Roll does have a price, make sure you have quite a bit of riches on hand, that is right, Gold! You need Gold to buy Magic...

July 27, Make an Account!

The Release of The pay for game is here, if you have payed the current fees ---25¢ for the account and the next two updates(see our charging fees) You must pay for an account, and it is worth it. You have already Special features to choose between three characters, and your own Name! A new update should hopefully come soon. Don;t Forget the Quest Page!

July 19, Release.

The Releasing of T.O.A.L. has probably excited many of you. It is a free game, still in testing Currently. If you find a bug we suggest you look more carefully, sometimes things were meant to happen. A pay for version will come out soon including:
The New Site Branch will include: A Login, Saving/Loading, A Chat Room, And possibly a journal. We Recommend you write your own journal of in game experience, there is nothing to help you keep track.