Philip's Web Page 

Welcome to my site.  This is my first animation, done with Pivot.Waving Man

Here is a link to Philip's Wellomne game.

Here is a link to Mebee's Acdmee.

This is "Tail of a Legend", my first RPG.

RuneScape is my favorite online game.

Boom is a windows game executable where you are a little ball that is running away from bombs.  Have fun!

Click here to download Boom!

Click here for Boom! instructions.

Space Tag is a game I made for my brother Eric.  It is about a space ship in a field of UFOs.  See the instructions for more detail.
Click here to download Space Tag.

Click here for Fish Demo.

This is a demo version of Fish. Contact Philip for more information on obtaining the full and golden version of Fish.

It is time For Guysers, Unleashed! The sequel to the original game, with new levels, challenges, and more! Plus compete on/offline for the Hiscores!Guysers Unleashed!

Philip's Weekly Games

bullet Bullet is the first weekly game. In this game you can shoot ghosts to save the world.
Click here to take a downloaded bullet.

 undead attackSave the castle from zombies. This game has new features such as rain.
Click here to download Undead Attack.

You have just created a cumputer virus to destroy Fred's computer! Play Virus Takeover

Seylin is a young boy who joined treasure hunters that support research. Do you think this maid can get through the SkrojanUprtet mountains? Click here and download/play Stone Scout

Icebreaker - Ride the Whales! Click here to play Icebreaker. Here is some informatino on the History of Icebreaker.

Be a fish play School of Wish..

Your favoirte adventurer, farming?  What will come next Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Click your mouse here to play Demo pack

Click your mouse here to play Guysers. Picture coming soon.

Click your mouse here to play Termiteator. Picture coming soon.

If you want to know about weekly games online, or have any other questions or ideas, send me an email to my yahoo address: phillyphishyphun AT

P collectable codes

P collectable codes are now available in different items on my web site or purchasable games. If you collect enough P codes you can get games not available on my web site. The first P code is in school of wish golden. P codes are slowly becomming available. Once you have 5 codes, email me the codes to win the first prize. Happy fishing.

My Animations

My dad made this one.
And I did the preview "The Guide to when Flying Pizza's Attack"", which will be a series of animations.

Purchasable Games

Here is a list of purchasable games. Use the email link at the bottom to request a game purchase.

Click here for more information.

phillyphishyphun AT ---- I want a game!!