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End of the World

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Hello, friends and family. You are probably reading this to hear about School of Wish Golden Or my next Game, End of the World. I will probably start weakly games up again, but for a short while starting in 2008. The only games put up will be Geysers and Termiteator. Instead of just games there will also be other updates, like this one. Last week, if you did not see was a link to Mebee Acdmee, my more popular website. Well, I have talked about what I want you to here, here is what you want to hear.

School of wish Golden

Well the game everybody wants is coming. School of Wish Golden's release will be in late December or early January. I am going to miss working on this game, but I must let it go eventually.After it is release I will start weakly games, but i want to tell you how I made S.O.W.G. First of all making games requires 2 maps. The location map is like a real map, showing this will go here, that will go there.The second map is of the path through the game, What happens if you do this. School of Wish had both of thees, but Golden had neither. The game is a little sloppy you could say, just with where and how everything is placed. Please don't make that change your mind about purchasing it. It will have:Neon Tetra

End of the World

You thought S.O.W.G. was big, End of the World(My next pay for game, starting after the release of Termiteator) Will be bigger. In distant future this is what I believe could happen if we don't pull our selfs together! So don't loose. Parts of this game may be scary, but it will be BIG! This is not like D.E.M.O. pack science fiction, this could happen. You will have to travel through time to get certain Items, that might save the world. This game is to advertise things like, recycle, be peaceful and friendly and Clean the Environment. See if you can convince people to do that. Else, practice the game in case it becomes reality.

PhillyPhishy, Game Creator